open letter for non science people who don't believe in climate change

I don't like science. I want to, it looks really cool, and I would like to be able to laugh at the molecule jokes. Same with math. I have chosen other things to know, and I prefer to spend my time on them. This is why we invented experts, because they know things for us so that we don't have to. But it sucks to admit that you don't understand something if you are an intelligent person, and so maybe you've read all the stories and you think you have a good handle on what's going on. You have heard perfectly reasonable explanations for why climate change isn't really a thing like people say, or that it's just what Earth does and it has nothing to do with us.

So when we see stories like this over and over again, and the pictures keep getting more intense, and the destruction keeps being more devastating, and you keep saying that the science isn't clear, I feel like I have to say something, for your own good. In solidarity as a fellow know-nothing.


Dude, you're no expert. You see, as much as you know about the thing you know best, that's as much as these guys know about science stuff. It's like a science guy talking about marketing. He doesn't get it. Not his gig. His gig is science. But even if you can't just roll with me on that one, here is something to think about: You look like an asshole. Because you are not a science guy, and when science people get together and demand a thing for decades and then everything they said would happen does, maybe it's just time to let them have their way. You are essentially coming off like you think you know a scientist's job better than they do. And we all know that if you had a clue what they were on about, you would probably be into science more than zero amount of fucks. You're not, so you don't, so you're being pretentious. I just thought you should know, before you talk any further.

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